Disk-On-Chip progress.

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at mvhi.com
Tue Jul 6 18:46:40 EDT 1999

jgg at deltatee.com said:
>  I was chatting with some of our folks here, apparently some time ago
> we tried quite hard to get specs for their stuff, we were willing to
> sign NDA's, etc, inorder to make it work in QNX. Apparently we got
> noplace with them :<

I found the same - I spent about three months waiting for a response from 
their 'Director of Marketing and Sales Europe.' Then I was fed to a technical 
person, who listed to what I wanted, and decided I had to talk to someone 
higher up...

I suspect that I was just caught up in red tape the whole time, and that I 
didn't actually get attention from anyone who was able to make real decisions 
until yesterday, when the news of my web site filtered back up through the 
ranks to their President. 

It was quite amusing watching the hits from lots of different machines within
their domain and wondering who they were from. They don't have reverse DNS set
up, so I could only guess (tech.m-sys.com, marketing.m-sys.com,
admin.m-sys.com, legal.m-sys.com...)

It's unfortunate that such tactics were the only way to open discussions, but 
now we're talking, and they seem fairly genuinely willing to work with us to 
find a solution to the problem. It seems as if we'll be able to reach an 
agreement fairly soon. I certainly hope so.

As I said, watch this space.

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