Beginner with DoC

Brian K. Michalk michalk at
Thu Dec 16 17:11:27 EST 1999

> > insmod mtd -- cool
> > insmod doc2000 -- cool
> You'll need to insmod nftl, as well.
> > Okay, now I want to see if I can see them with fdisk, but I've
> > 	got only a few clues as to the nodes.  I tried
> > 	mknod fla b 62 0 through fla4 for major IDs 62, 90, 31, 93,
> > 	and 44.  Fdisk never finds any of the devices.
> Instead of that, run the MAKEDEV script included in mtd.
> fla are for M-Systems drivers, not MTD.

Ahhh.  I was just about to send you my log, then I thought, hmmm, 
I ought to try fdisk /dev/nftla1.  Bingo.  It works.

Interesting thing is that fdisk shows four partitions already on the
chip.  I'll delete them and see what sort of damage I can do now
Thanks for the help.

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