Anyone embedding RH 6.1 / 2.2.12 ?

ralph stickley ralph at
Tue Dec 14 15:14:18 EST 1999

Adi Linden:

Got it!   Looks great ... Now what do I do ?:-)

I have a shell script that erases/formats and loads files onto the DOC for
booting (setup for plilo boot since we can't afford DOS for each of our
units).  I'm converting this over to your directory structure - if you want a
copy let me know - however, I'm a relative newbie to this stuff so it may not

Also, if you need any help with the documentation I'd be able to provide some
time..our system needs to be documented also...

Thanks again
Ralph Stickley
Datalux, Corp.

BTW...any way to host this on a site thats available at >56K ?? (or parse out
the standard files ?)

Adi Linden wrote:

> <snip>

> Compile util-linux, sysutils, shutils, ppp without PAM and shadow
> password. Get's rid of a lot of libs. You can grab my work so far at:
> No docs, though,except for some noted in 'FileList'...
> Regards,
> Adi
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