Documentation from M-Systems.

David Woodhouse David.Woodhouse at
Mon Aug 2 09:11:31 EDT 1999

The good news:

I have received a file from M-Systems which they tell me is "a specification
of NFTL, and data sheet & programming spec for the DiskOnChip Millennium"

The bad news:

The attached file was of MIME type 'application/ms-tnef', and I have no clue 
how to read it. I forwarded it to one of our Marketing people - the only 
people in the company who still have Windows on their desktop - but he had no 
luck either. I've asked (embarrassingly) for another copy, in Word or PDF 

Hopefully, I'll have a file which I can read within a day or so, and will be 
able to produce a useful driver within a fairly short period of time.

I have no instructions from M-Systems as to their intentions regarding 
this documentation - whether it's to be made available to the public or 
whether it's for my eyes only. As I've signed no NDA, I suppose the former, 
but I'm just going to confirm that with them before I make it available. They 
may want me to make it available only to people who are (or seem) genuinely 
interested in contributing to the Linux driver.

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