[PATCH] PCI: ACPI: Fix ThunderX PEM initialization

Jon Masters jcm at jonmasters.org
Tue Mar 21 04:38:07 PDT 2017

On 03/16/2017 12:25 PM, David Daney wrote:
> On 03/16/2017 07:32 AM, Jon Masters wrote:

>>> Yes, it is now contains "CAVxxx" as _HID for device config object.
>> Which is different from the version that was merged into upstream. That
>> should never have happened. It will never happen again. I have spent some
>> time over the past few days ensuring folks understand that I will not
>> allow a repeat of this to occur the next time around. We will have
>> platforms that are bulletproof and supported by upstream with any
>> errata fixes in a very carefully controlled manner. There will
>> under no circumstances ever be a situation like this again.
> We are still evaluating the merits of registering the values that appeared
> in v4.10, and not changing them.  We should know more in a couple of days.

Thanks David. What was the verdict? (for the public record). If we need to
get a change into upstream, let's get that teed up before 4.12 merge.

And for other folks following along with this thread: I'm not just picking
on Cavium here. I'll be doing the same with *every* ARM server SoC company
as necessary over the coming months. We are going to have militantly
compliant standards adherence in this industry and every ARM server SoC is
going to "just work" with an upstream Linux kernel with an ACPI enabled 
platform. This will be so utterly clean and boring it'll be amazing.


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