[PATCH] PCI: ACPI: Fix ThunderX PEM initialization

David Daney ddaney.cavm at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 09:25:56 PDT 2017

On 03/16/2017 07:32 AM, Jon Masters wrote:
> Hi Vadim,
> Thanks for your followup and attention to this matter. More below.
> On 03/15/2017 07:33 AM, Vadim Lomovtsev wrote:
>>> The upstream Linux kernel contains a quirk matching entry that looks for
>>> "THRX". Therefore, you have already agreed (as of at least January) that
>>> this is the prefix that you will use in any firmware updates to support
>>> the latest upstream Linux kernel. Please register this prefix promptly.
>> And from what I know for now - we wont going to register this
>> since we have already regsitered "CAV" prefix for that. And this was the part
>> of our discussion also.
>> We had a bit long review of proper implementation of legacy firmware support,
>> so my apologise on that.
>> Please take a look at link to the patchset posted by Tomasz.
>> https://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg568741.html
> I'll let others comment on the suitability of taking that for upstream.
>>>>> So the FW will be updated accordingly.
>>> Indeed.
>> Yes, it is now contains "CAVxxx" as _HID for device config object.
> Which is different from the version that was merged into upstream. That
> should never have happened. It will never happen again. I have spent some
> time over the past few days ensuring folks understand that I will not
> allow a repeat of this to occur the next time around. We will have
> platforms that are bulletproof and supported by upstream with any
> errata fixes in a very carefully controlled manner. There will
> under no circumstances ever be a situation like this again.

We are still evaluating the merits of registering the values that 
appeared in v4.10, and not changing them.  We should know more in a 
couple of days.

>>> The version Bjorn merged looks for "THRX". This is the version that you will
>>> use, and you will promptly register that prefix with UEFI and provide fixes
>>> for existing firmware to correctly use the solution that is upstream.
>> Cavium FW is updated accordingly to use already registered prefix.
>> For existent FW legacy support is posted by Tomasz.
> I'm watching this to ensure it's cleaned up properly.
> Jon.
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