[RFC PATCH v1 1/3] PCI: designware: Add ARM64 support

Fabrice Gasnier fabrice.gasnier at st.com
Mon May 25 08:51:55 PDT 2015

Hi Zhou,

On 05/25/2015 03:48 PM, Jingoo Han wrote:
>> >so how about we set 0 as default value of pp->root_bus_nr, then use
>> >pci_create_root_bus(pp->dev, pp->root_bus_nr, &dw_pcie_ops, pp, &res);
>> >to create root bus?
> I agree with your opinion. However, I still want to wait for other
> people's opinions. They will give good comments.
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Jingoo Han
I did a quick test with your patch in the context of another driver on 
Just to confirm I added as well pp->root_bus_nr = 0;

Then, I needed to add dummy pci_sys_data as suggested by Arnd in the 
first review :

  struct pcie_port {
+#ifdef CONFIG_ARM
+	/*
+	 * this is a temporary hack to let the driver work on
+	 * both arm32 and arm64. it can be removed after the
+	 * arm32 cleanup is complete and bios32.c has stopped
+	 * referencing host->pci_sys_data.
+	 */
+	struct pci_sys_data	dummy;
  	struct device		*dev;

This looks like necessary as bios32 is dereferencing sysdata:
struct pci_sys_data *sysdata = dev->bus->sysdata;

Best Regards,

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