[PATCH 0/3] Add DT support for netxbig LEDs

Gregory CLEMENT gregory.clement at free-electrons.com
Mon Mar 30 07:20:41 PDT 2015

On 30/03/2015 15:46, Jason Cooper wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 03:29:41PM +0200, Gregory CLEMENT wrote:
>> Hi Simon,
>> [...]
>>>>> Hi Gregory, Andrew and Jason,
>>>>> This patch set seems stuck. I believe that Bryan is probably too busy to
>>>>> handle it...
>>>>> Is that possible to merge it via the mvebu tree ? Since only some LaCie
>>>>> boards are impacted, I think it could make sense.
>>>> Hi Simon
>>>> Hard one. I also have a driver stuck in led limbo.
>>>> Last time we took a fix via mvebu, it all went messy at the last
>>>> minute. We made it very clear to Bryon we planned to take a patch via
>>>> mvebu, we had queued it via mvebu, we had sent a pull request to
>>>> arm-soc, all with no reply from Bryon. Only at the last minute did he
>>>> jump in, pull it himself and send it to Linus. That caused Olof all
>>>> sorts of problems with his tree.
>>> It's also good to keep in mind the workflow of driver maintainers who push
>>> directly to Linus.  They send PRs during the merge window, and don't
>>> necessarily spend too much time in -next.  Which means, if they have good
>>> filters running on lkml, they just sit down a week or so before the merge
>>> window and apply everything they have pending.
>>> For those of us who are feeding arm-soc, and are accustomed to getting things
>>> in early, this can be nerve-wracking.
>>> Brian has demonstrated that he does pick things up and get them merged.  We
>>> just need to make sure that what he picks up is well tested and reviewed when
>>> he gets to it.  Since there won't be time for another revision before the merge
>>> window.  But hey, that's what -rc's are for.  :-P
>> At least what I can do is creating a led branch and merged it in the mvebu/for-next
>> branch. It will allow us to be more confident for the merge window.
> How would we know when to remove it?  We have no reliable communication with Brian.

We will remove it when we will received an acked-by from him.

The purpose of it was to be able to do a pull request as soon as we know
that either Bryan will take it or let us take the full series.

In the mean time if Bryan also applied the patch in is leds/for-next branch
it should not be a problem as the patch will be the same.



> thx,
> Jason.

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