[PATCH v3 42/46] usb: gadget: move ep_matches() from epautoconf to udc-core

Petr Cvek petr.cvek at tul.cz
Sat Jul 25 12:41:32 PDT 2015

On 25.7.2015 13:04, Robert Jarzmik wrote:
> Petr Cvek <petr.cvek at tul.cz> writes:
>> On 23.7.2015 21:46, Alan Stern wrote:
>>>> It seems that it allows using a BULK endpoint for requested INT
>>>> endpoint. For my PXA27x machine the original code returns BULK EP
>>>> even with valid INT endpoint definition (because BULK EPs are defined
>>>> earlier than INT EPs).
>>> Yes, it does allow a bulk endpoint to be used when an interrupt 
>>> endpoint was requested.  However, it won't return a bulk endpoint if 
>>> all the bulk endpoints are already in use.
> This cannot work for pxa27x.
> The pxa27x IP has a hardware limitation which prevents an endpoint from changing
> its type once the UDC is enabled (see the comment at the beginning of
> pxa27x_udc.c).

Just crazy idea (based on how much I have to recompile kernel, when switching between testing gadgets), how much possible (EP allocation, no resource errors return, configuration/interface settings change) it would be to generate an EP configuration on the fly and only enabling the PXA27x when a set_configuration usb request is received?


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