[PATCH v3 4/4] dt: paz00: define nvec as child of i2c bus

Andrey Danin danindrey at mail.ru
Tue Jul 21 01:51:15 PDT 2015

On 21.07.2015 11:25, Marc Dietrich wrote:
> I think in this case it would be better to leave nvec and dt as it is for now,
> and just add the slave function to tegra-i2c. Otherwise we will again have two
> different "nvidia,nvec-slave" bindings (one for the intermediate hack and one
> for the final representation). As an alternative, you could also add slave
> function and port nvec in the same series.
First patch only adds slave functionality to tegra-i2c driver. I sent v3 
to fix only tegra-i2c as Wolfram suggested.

Unfortunately I haven't fixed all defects and I will resend patch(es).
I can resend only first patch (for tegra-i2c) if it is more obvious for 

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