[PATCH v2] ARM: dts: configure regulators for Gumstix Pepper

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Mon Jul 13 23:49:31 PDT 2015

* Adam YH Lee <adam.yh.lee at gmail.com> [150709 15:40]:
> Boot process is halting in midway because some of the necessary voltage
> regulators are deemed unused and subsequently powered off, leading to
> a completely unresponsive system.
> Most of the device nodes had correct voltage regulator attachments.
> Yet these nodes had to set stricter enforcement on them through
> 'regulator-boot-on' and 'regulator-always-on' to function correctly.
> The consumers of the regulators this commit affect are the followings:
> 	DCDC1: vdd_1v8 system supply, USB-PHY, and ADC
> 	DCDC2: Core domain
> 	DCDC3: MPU core domain
> 	 LDO1: RTC
> 	 LDO2: 3v3 IO domain
> 	 LDO3: USB-PHY; not a boot-time requirement
> 	 LDO4: LCD [16:23]
> All but LDO3 need to be always-on for the system to be functional.
> Additionally regulator-name properties have been added for the kernel to
> display the name from the schematic. This will improve diagnostics.

Thanks for updating the description, applying this into


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