[PATCH 0/6] mmc: sdhci-esdhci-imx: fix cd/wp regression

Shawn Guo shawnguo at kernel.org
Thu Jul 9 06:27:36 PDT 2015

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 05:29:50PM +0800, Dong Aisheng wrote:
> I agree with you.
> One difference is that i'd like to fix it ASAP without reverting 8d86e4f
> due to more patches depends on it is already there as i mentioned above..
> Revert it may need to revert a lot others.
> The pain is that v4.1 is left broken.

Oh, crap!  I thought it's been there with only v4.2-rc1, and did not
know v4.1 is already broken.  In that case, reverting 8d86e4f isn't
the best option.  I suggest you rebase the dts series on top of
v4.2-rc1, and send it via mmc tree.


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