[1/2] RTC: Add core rtc support for Gemini Soc devices

Hans Ulli Kroll ulli.kroll at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 9 04:58:02 PDT 2015


On Thu, 9 Jul 2015, Arnd Bergmann wrote:

> On Thursday 09 July 2015 01:29:39 Roman Yeryomin wrote:
> > 
> > OK, here are the minimal changes required (see attachment). Tested on 
> > 4.1.1
> > Let me know if you want me to submit it in some other way.
> > 
> The changes look ok to me. Please submit them as two separate
> patches (1. set up and use timer3, 2. register sched_clock) according
> to the Documentation/SubmittingPatches description.
> Thanks,
> 	Arnd

have you seen this thread ...
[PATCH 00/18] ARM: Migrate clockevent drivers to 'set-state

arch/arm/mach-gemini/time.c              | 69 ++++++++++++------------ 

Two or more weeks ago I send a patchset fixing this problem.
At this time Arnd was in holiday and until today I was very busy at work.

I can rework my patches on top of Viresh's patchset

and Roman please fix the subject.


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