imx6 fsl,fiq-stream-filter

Holger Schurig holgerschurig at
Mon Jul 6 22:59:27 PDT 2015

Hi Joshua,

> Freescale FIQ demo code has not been updated since their 3.0.35 kernel, which
> was before the majority of the devicetree migration. (and it was a pretty ugly
> hack, even then).

Did you mean this?

That surely looks very hacky.

I'm currently more-or-less stumble around like a blind one in order to
get FIQ running on i.MX6. Seems that mxc_set_irq_fiq() is a NOP on
i.MX6, because AFAIK this function is only supported by chips with an
TZIC or an AVIC.

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