[RFC] arm: psci: implement cpuidle_ops

Jisheng Zhang jszhang at marvell.com
Thu Jul 2 01:18:20 PDT 2015

Dear Daniel,

On Thu, 2 Jul 2015 10:07:11 +0200
Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano at linaro.org> wrote:

> On 07/02/2015 05:10 AM, Jisheng Zhang wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > we'd like to use cpuidle-arm.c for both arm and arm64 with psci as backend. For
> > arm64, it works. But for arm, we miss cpuidle_ops. I want to add cpuidle_ops for
> > arm psci, I dunno whether this is the correct direction, could you please give
> > suggestions?
> You should look at the macro
> arch/arm/include/asm/cpuidle.h:
> #define CPUIDLE_METHOD_OF_DECLARE(name, _method, _ops)

Yep, this is what I want to use. I want to use this MACRO to implement cpuidle_ops
for arm, but I dunno whether this is the correct direction. And I'd like to
reuse cpu_psci_cpu_init_idle() function in arch/arm64/kernel/psci.c to parse
the DT, but I'm not sure where to put cpu_psci_cpu_init_idle() so that can
be shared between arm and arm64. Also I noticed that there's a psci unification
work from Mark Rutland, does it make sense to put it in drivers/firmware/psci.c?

Thanks a lot,

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