[GIT PULL] omap generic wakeirq for v4.2 merge window

Kevin Hilman khilman at kernel.org
Wed Jul 1 13:24:33 PDT 2015

Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com> writes:

> Hi,
> * Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com> [150616 04:48]:
>> Hi,
>> Here's a late pull request that would be good to get into v4.2.
>> This series mostly just drops code that's now unnecessary, and
>> also fixes potential interrupt re-entrancy issues that the old
>> handling has.
>> The series changes omap hsmmc, 8250_omap and omap-serial to use
>> the Linux generic wakeirq. I had to redo the branch last week on
>> recent tty-next branch because of a merge conflict. Other than
>> that, these patches were already in Linux next earlier.
>> The pull request below also shows the related patches in Rafael's
>> pm-wakeirq branch as I did not create a separate merge commit to
>> base patches on.
>> This branch depends on both Rafael's pm-wakeirq and Greg's
>> tty-next, so it should be sent separately towards the end of the
>> merge window.
> This one is OK to merge now, both pm-wakeirq and tty-next
> dependencies have been merged. This leaves the following
> diffstat for thees changes:

OK, thanks.  I'm collecting a few remaining things for a "late" branch,
but if I miss the merge window, I'll queue it up for -rc2.


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