[linux-sunxi] [PATCH 0/6] sunxi: clk: Various cleanup and rework

Emilio López emilio at elopez.com.ar
Thu May 15 08:10:29 PDT 2014

El 12/05/14 22:12, Mike Turquette escribió:
> Quoting Emilio López (2014-05-10 10:22:15)
>> Hi Maxime,
>> El 10/05/14 00:33, Maxime Ripard escribió:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> This patchset fixes a few things that have been pending for quite a
>>> while in the clock driver.
>>> First, it removes the clk_put calls in the clock protection
>>> part. Since it's not really something that should be done, I guess
>>> this patch is not very controversial.
>>> Then, it starts splitting the huge clock driver file into separate,
>>> smaller drivers when it makes sense.
>>> Finally, it reworks the clock protection mechanism to handle
>>> differences between SoC in a better way. This has been pretty
>>> controversial because the first approach has been to move this to the
>>> machine code. This is another attempt that leaves all the
>>> modifications in the driver itself.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Maxime
>> Overall the series looks good to me, other than the comment about clkdev
>> on patches 2 and 3.
>> @Mike, do you want me to take them in a pull as usual after you have a
>> look? Please let me know as we still haven't clarified the situation
>> with the two patches Hans sent.
> A pull request would be great. Feel free to add my Acked-by to all of
> the patches here (#1 already has it) since I looked at all of them and
> the changes seem good.

Ok, I've taken them in sunxi-clk-for-mike with Mike's ack. I'll be 
sending the pull request soon.



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