[PATCH] ARM: mvebu: Enable SCU Speculative linefills to L2 for Armada 375/38x

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Thu Jun 26 09:12:33 PDT 2014

> > A broader question is: if this feature is generic to all Cortex-A9, why
> > not offer a function in smp_scu.c to enable it? It seems weird to have
> > the offset and bit definitions for something as generic as the SCU
> > present deep into a Marvell-specific file.
> I have no strong opinion on it, and I also thoough about adding a function
> in smp_scu.c but when you are looking at the usage of SCU is the kernel
> the other SOC manipulate it directly.

Hi Gregory

Is that just cult cargo coding? Maybe now is the time to refactor this
into one central location?


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