[GIT PULL v2][for 3.17] pull request for hisilicon terminal soc

Olof Johansson olof at lixom.net
Wed Jul 30 22:32:47 PDT 2014


There were a few things that still needed fixing here -- I took care
of most of them. See below.

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 12:44 AM, xuwei <xuwei5 at hisilicon.com> wrote:
> Hi Olof, Hi Kevin, Hi Arnd,
> Please help to merge pull request for hisilicon terminal soc.
> Best Regards,
> Wei
> The following changes since commit 7171511eaec5bf23fb06078f59784a3a0626b38f:
>   Linux 3.16-rc1 (2014-06-15 17:45:28 -1000)
> are available in the git repository at:
>   git://github.com/hisilicon/linux-hisi.git tags/hix5hd2-for-3.17-v2
> for you to fetch changes up to eeea1ab9b53f311f634e87d9208daa564a97dbba:
>   ARM: hisi: remove smp from machine descriptor (2014-07-29 14:54:11 +0800)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ARM: mach-hisi: Hisilicon teminal soc udaptes for 3.17
> - Rename Hi3716 to HiX5HD2
> HiX5HD2 is a SoC with dual Cortex A9 cores for STB market.
> And original Hi3xxx SoC is for mobile market.
> To avoid confusing the two types of SoCs and also because of
> different implementation(SMP, IPs integarted and earlycon configure),
> rename Hi3716 to HIX5HD2 ann add ARCH_HIX5HD2.
> - Add HiX5HD2 STB SoC and development kit board support
> - Change to use power reset driver to reboot for HiX5HD2
> - Add ARCH_HISI for the common configure of hisilicon SoCs
> - Change to use CPU_METHOD_OF_DECLARE for SMP on HiX5HD2 and hi3xxx
> - Enable L2 aux value for Hi3620
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Haifeng Yan (3):
>       ARM: debug: Rename Hi3716 to HIX5HD2
>       ARM: hisi: enable hix5hd2 SoC
>       ARM: dts: Add hix5hd2-dkb dts file.

It is confusing -- is the SoC named HIX5HD2 or Hisilicon X5HD2? Seems
like there are references to both.

What I did was that I renamed the dts and dtsi to hisi-x5hd2  to have
the vendor/family as prefix. Given the few boards per SoC family you
have had so far, it makes more sense to prefix it with hisi.

> Haojian Zhuang (5):
>       ARM: hisi: add ARCH_HISI
>       power: reset: move hisilicon reboot code
>       ARM: config: enable ARCH_HIX5HD2
>       ARM: hisi: set l2 aux for pl310

This patch makes no sense to still carry. If things still need to be
resolved, then it should just be dropped.

>       ARM: hisi: remove smp from machine descriptor

Also, in general: Wei, you seem to have added your Acked-by instead of
Signed-off-by on the commits. When you apply them, you need to do so
with your sign off.

What I have done is that I have applied most of the above patches
directly instead of merging the branch, and I have done the touchups
described above (dropped the L2 patch and renamed the dts/dtsi).

If for some reason, the name really should be hisi-hix5hd2, then let
me know quickly so I can revisit before it goes in. But I don't thik
so -- I find more hits with "x5hd2" out there than with "hix5hd2". If
anything, the remaining traces of hix5hd2 should probably be renamed
too (machine descriptor, etc).

(I also fixed a few spelling errors in the patch descriptions here and
there, etc).


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