[PATCH v4] dmaengine: sirf: enable generic dt binding for dma channels

Barry Song 21cnbao at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 21:49:18 EST 2014

2014-01-20 17:35 GMT+08:00 Barry Song <21cnbao at gmail.com>:
> 2014/1/20 Vinod Koul <vinod.koul at intel.com>:
>> On Wed, Jan 08, 2014 at 10:12:49PM +0800, Barry Song wrote:
>>> From: Barry Song <Baohua.Song at csr.com>
>>> move to support of_dma_request_slave_channel() and dma_request_slave_channel.
>>> we add a xlate() to let dma clients be able to find right dma_chan by generic
>>> "dmas" properties in dts.
>>> Cc: Mark Rutland <mark.rutland at arm.com>
>>> Cc: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars at metafoo.de>
>>> Signed-off-by: Barry Song <Baohua.Song at csr.com>
>> Look okay, need an ACk from DT maintainers before I can apply...

Hi Vinod,
v5 is sent to devicetree list and there is no object.
this patch is using general dt-binding for dma completely same with
other dma drivers, there is no special binding here.
so i think there is no reason to wait for merging since now updates
for its clients e.g. SPI, UART have been in 3.14-rc.


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