[PATCH v4 0/4] ARM: zynq: cpufreq support

Sören Brinkmann soren.brinkmann at xilinx.com
Thu Feb 27 12:52:17 EST 2014

Hi Daniel, Michal,

On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 03:14PM -0800, Soren Brinkmann wrote:
> Hi,
> another iteration of this series. The patches are the same as in v3, but
> the series shrank a bit. I rebased this series on tip/timers/core, hence
> the two patches for the clockevent core fell out, since Thomas already
> applied those.
> Additionally I removed the patch 'clocksource/cadence_ttc: Use only one
> counter'. Thomas brought up some questions regarding that patch which
> need to be investigated. Since it is not required for the rest of this
> series, I just dropped it for now.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Sören
> Soren Brinkmann (4):
>   clocksource/cadence_ttc: Call clockevents_update_freq() with IRQs
>     enabled
>   clocksource/cadence_ttc: Overhaul clocksource frequency adjustment
>   arm: zynq: Don't use arm_global_timer with cpufreq
>   arm: zynq: Add support for cpufreq

Any comments? I think most of these should be pretty straight forward
and it would be nice to get some ACKs - or tell me what's wrong. :)
'clocksource/cadence_ttc: Overhaul clocksource frequency adjustment'
might deserve a more thorough review.


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