[PATCH 2/4] arm: qcom: Split Qualcomm support into legacy and multiplatform

Kevin Hilman khilman at linaro.org
Wed Feb 26 18:03:10 EST 2014

Kumar Gala <galak at codeaurora.org> writes:

> On Feb 26, 2014, at 8:22 AM, Kevin Hilman <khilman at linaro.org> wrote:
>> Kumar Gala <galak at codeaurora.org> writes:
>>> Introduce a new mach-qcom that will support SoCs that intend to be
>>> multiplatform compatiable while keeping mach-msm to legacy SoC/board
>>> support that will not transition over to multiplatform.
>>> As part of this, we move support for MSM8X60, MSM8960 and MSM8974 over
>>> to mach-qcom.
>>> Signed-off-by: Kumar Gala <galak at codeaurora.org>
>> Having a closer look at this after seeing the multi_v7_defconfig change,
>> I have a minor nit on the new ARCH_QCOM name.
>> For new additions, we've been trying to move towards using SOC_foo
>> instead of ARCH_foo.  Any reason not to do that here also?
>> Kevin
> No reason, just wasn’t aware and no one said anything til now.  

Yeah, sorry for not reviewiing sooner.

> Hmm, how to handle this now, can we do this as a 3.16 cleanup?

Yes, we've already merged it, so doing it as a cleanup should be fine.



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