[PATCH] cpufreq: Set policy to non-NULL only after all hotplug online work is done

Viresh Kumar viresh.kumar at linaro.org
Mon Feb 24 03:43:22 EST 2014

On 24 February 2014 14:11,  <skannan at codeaurora.org> wrote:
> I just replied to the other email. I think I answered both your questions
> there. Sorry about mixing up CPU and policy. In my case, each CPU is
> independently scalable -- so for now take CPU == policy. I'll fix it up
> once we agree on the fix.

But why do you say this then?

>>> In this specific case, CPU0 set's CPU1's policy->governor in
>>> cpufreq_init_policy() to NULL while CPU1 is using the policy->governor
>>> in __cpufreq_governor().

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