[PATCH v10 01/15] usb: doc: phy-mxs: Add more compatible strings

Peter Chen Peter.Chen at freescale.com
Fri Feb 21 04:40:29 EST 2014

> >
> >  Required properties:
> > -- compatible: Should be "fsl,imx23-usbphy"
> > +- compatible: "fsl,imx23-usbphy" for imx23 and imx28, "fsl,imx6q-
> usbphy"
> > +  for imx6dq and imx6dl, "fsl,imx6sl-usbphy" for imx6sl
> Minor nit, but could we restructure this as something like the following,
> with each string on a new line:
> - compatible: should contain:
>     * "fsl,imx23-usbphy" for imx23 and imx28
>     * "fsl,imx6q-usbphy" for imx6dq and imx6dl
>     * "fsl,imx6sl-usbphy" for imx6sl
> It makes it a bit easier to read.

Thanks, will change like above.

> I see the existing "fsl,imx23-usbphy" is used as a fallback for
> "fsl,imx28-usbphy", "fsl,imx6q-usbphy", and "fsl,imx6sl-usbphy" in
> existing DTs.
> Is this expected going forward? It might be worth mentioning.

These SoCs used the same FSL imx PHY, but different versions.
imx23/imx28 are the first version, more improvements are at
later SoCs (like imx6x) version. Keep "fsl,imx23-usbphy" at
imx6 dts will be user know it is from imx23's. If you think
it does not need, I can delete "fsl,imx23-usbphy" from imx6 dts.


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