[GIT PULL 00/13] Renesas ARM Based SoC Updates for v3.15

Olof Johansson olof at lixom.net
Thu Feb 20 03:37:28 EST 2014

On Thu, Feb 06, 2014 at 03:21:05PM +0900, Simon Horman wrote:
> Hi Olof, Hi Kevin, Hi Arnd,
> please consider these Renesas ARM based SoC updates for v3.15.
> This pull request is based on "Renesas CPG update for v3.15",
> tagged as renesas-cpg-for-v3.15, which I am also sending a pull request for
> today. The reason for the dependency is to provide driver support for
> the "Wait for status on selected MSTP clocks" patches in this pull-request.
> These are correctness fixes.
> The following changes since commit a028c6da34d434e35ba8322568c756ea97ff3c18:
>   ARM: shmobile: wait for MSTP clock status to toggle, when enabling it (2014-02-04 10:22:39 +0900)
> are available in the git repository at:
>   git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/horms/renesas.git tags/renesas-soc-for-v3.15
> for you to fetch changes up to 012a7069b5a10a0851584d71a1facdc40a972319:
>   ARM: shmobile: r8a7790: Add PCI USB host clock support (2014-02-04 10:25:03 +0900)

I've merged this in, not doing a separate branch for the clk patches.

I've merged this in under next/drivers, since the clock tables that are changed
are hopefully finding their way into drivers/clk in the not too distant future.

Let me know if this will add complications w.r.t. merge dependencies and we can
bring this back into next/soc, but unless you also change clock code in later
soc branches, they can just be independent of this.


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