[PATCH 07/17] spi: pl022: Don't ignore power domain and amba bus at system suspend

Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at linaro.org
Wed Feb 19 09:15:06 EST 2014

On 10 February 2014 13:51, Mark Brown <broonie at kernel.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 01:33:50PM +0100, Ulf Hansson wrote:
>> On 4 February 2014 20:16, Mark Brown <broonie at kernel.org> wrote:
>> > This seems like a fairly hideous thing to be having to open code in an
>> > individual driver, it all looks generic and like something that most if
> ...
>> > Putting it in a helper would at least mean that it's easier for the
>> > mechanics to be transferred to the core proper later on.
>> I agree, a helper function would be nice. I have earlier sent a patch
>> to the PM core, that is similar to the code above, though it was
>> rejected in it's current form. Let me follow up on this again.
>> At this point, would a way forward be to still go ahead with this
>> patch and then convert to, when/if, the helper function from the PM
>> core becomes available?
> It's definitely *a* way forward, but I'm not convinced it's a good way
> forward.  Since it's something that I'd expect us to be doing in all
> drivers we'd want to replicate it all over the place which is obviously
> not good, or conversely if there are issues that prevented the code
> being added to the PM core then presumably we're just adding problematic
> code to the driver (you've not mentioned what the problems were with
> doing this in the PM core).

I have posted a patch which adds a runtime PM helper function to the
PM core, I am hoping to get some comments soon.

So I agree, let's put this patch on hold until we sorted out how to
proceed. Though I will rebase and send a v2 of it, just to keep it as
a reference for later use.

Kind regards

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