[PATCH v4 0/5] Prepare for running ACPI on !x86 and !ia64

Hanjun Guo hanjun.guo at linaro.org
Tue Feb 18 08:54:55 EST 2014

Some of the ACPI code is arch-dependent and make the code can't be
compiled on !x86 or !ia64, the first two patches just do some rework
on the idle_boot_override and _PDC related stuff to make the ACPI
code more arch-independent.

The third patch just introduce map_gic_id() for ACPI processor core
followed the ACPI 5.0 spec. Last two patches are just some cleanups.

I have compiled the kernel successfully after appling this patch set
on x86 and ia64.

Changes for v4:
a) remove preprocessor directives in function bodies;
b) add another two patches for cleanups.

Changes for v3:
Fix the issues pointed out by Lan Tianyu and add the Reviewed-by for
first patch.

Changes for v2:
a) add #if defined(CONFIG_X86) || defined(CONFIG_IA64) for
   idle_boot_override related code;
b) Rebased on 3.14-rc1.

Changes since the RFC version:
a) Remove the RFC tag;
b) Move idle_boot_override out of the arch directory suggested
   by Alan;
c) Make these 3 patches as a separate patch set since there are
   not not related to the ARM/ARM64 platform.

Hanjun Guo (5):
  ACPI / idle: Make idle_boot_override depend on x86 and ia64
  ACPI / processor_core: Rework _PDC related stuff to make it more
  ACPI / processor: Introduce map_gic_id() to get apic id from MADT or
    _MAT method
  ACPI: Move BAD_MADT_ENTRY() to linux/acpi.h
  ACPI: Replace printk with pr_* in tables.c

 arch/ia64/include/asm/acpi.h  |    5 +--
 arch/ia64/kernel/acpi.c       |   18 ++++++--
 arch/x86/include/asm/acpi.h   |   19 +--------
 arch/x86/kernel/acpi/boot.c   |    4 --
 arch/x86/kernel/acpi/cstate.c |   29 +++++++++++++
 drivers/acpi/processor_core.c |   92 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 drivers/acpi/tables.c         |   51 +++++++++--------------
 include/linux/acpi.h          |    4 ++
 8 files changed, 124 insertions(+), 98 deletions(-)


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