BUG: Null pointer dereference on booting TC2 with vexpress_defconfig

Sudeep Holla Sudeep.Holla at arm.com
Tue Feb 18 06:04:23 EST 2014

On 17/02/14 22:39, Christoffer Dall wrote:
> Booting my TC2 using 3.14-rc3 and vexpress_defconfig causes a NULL
> pointer dereference in schedule_work_on.
> A quick look at the trace indicates that schedule_work() is called
> before system_wq is initialized.
> Further, a bisect seems to indicate that this call path is triggered by
> the changes in this merge commit of Theodore T'so's random_for_linus
> tag:
> 0891ad829d2a0501053703df66029e843e3b8365
> (However, my bisect may not be 100% correct, as some of the commits
> between 3.13 and 3.12 don't boot the TC2 with vexpress_defconfig,
> specifically the ones after f9300eaaac1ca300083ad41937923a90cc3a2394,
> which causes boot to halt after "ARM CCI driver probed").
Yes that requires some changes in defconfig to continue to work across
these changes(mainly have all these new configs disabled)

> Disabling CONFIG_ARCH_VEXPRESS_TC2_PM avoids the issue.
Are you just disabling this or even CONFIG_MCPM ? Are the secondaries cpus
coming up ?

> I'm not familiar enough with any of these code paths to quicly identify
> what the issue could be.  Apologies if I missed a previous post about
> this issue (I couldn't find anything but would be surprised if I'm the
> only one doing vexpress_defconfig on a TC2).
I just tried and it works fine. If CONFIG_MCPM and CONFIG_ARCH_VEXPRESS_TC2_PM,
it requires some changes in board configurations(for bootmon), I assume you have
done those changes.


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