[PATCH 0/4] clk: mvebu: fix clk init order

Emilio López emilio at elopez.com.ar
Mon Feb 17 10:31:37 EST 2014


El 17/02/14 12:04, Gregory CLEMENT escribió:
> Please read what I have written: "if there is no output-name, which is our
> default case) this proposal just ignored the parent clock given by the device
> tree".
> Extract of your code from the link you pointed:
> const char *default_parent = "tclk";
> [...]
> of_property_read_string_index(clkspec.np, "clock-output-names",
> 					      clkspec.args_count ? clkspec.args[0] : 0,
> 					      &default_parent);
> example of a valid dts:
> 			gateclk: clock-gating-control at 18220 {
> 				compatible = "marvell,foo-bar-gating-clock";
> 				reg = <0x18220 0x4>;
> 				clocks = <&coreclk 1>;
> 				#clock-cells = <1>;
> 			};
> So in this fictional but still valid example, the device tree indicates that the parent
> clock of the gating clock is the 2nd clock provided by the coreclk which is currently
> "cpuclk". As no clock-output-names is used, then this will be totally ignore and instead
> of using "cpuclk" as parent "tclk" will be used.

I can see your point now, but as this is completely fictional, I'd say 
it's irrelevant. You can just add the names if Marvell ever makes a chip 
that sources the gates from the second coreclk. As far as I can see on 
the device trees in Linux, all mvebu hardware always sources them from 
tclk. Don't try to over-engineer your driver for something that is 
unlikely to happen in reality.

If you in the future need to support another legacy platform with a 
half-cooked DT not listing the names, you can always list the right 
parent on the divisor table (see link for example) and override the default.


> I hope this example will show you, what I disagree with this proposal and why it
> introduce some regression.

It's not a regression if things don't break :-)



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