[PATCH v2 05/23] ARM: Kirkwood: Seperate board-dt from common and pcie code.

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Sat Feb 15 08:18:08 EST 2014

On Saturday 15 February 2014 11:20:03 Andrew Lunn wrote:
> +static void __init kirkwood_l2_init(void)
> +{
> +       writel(readl(L2_CONFIG_REG) | L2_WRITETHROUGH, L2_CONFIG_REG);
> +       feroceon_l2_init(1);
> +#else
> +       writel(readl(L2_CONFIG_REG) & ~L2_WRITETHROUGH, L2_CONFIG_REG);
> +       feroceon_l2_init(0);
> +#endif
> +#endif
> +}

I assume this is correct, but I don't understand it. Why is there a
configuration option for this? Do both write-through and write-back
work on all machines, or could there be a case where some machine
actually requires a particular mode? If not, isn't write-back
normally "better", so you won't actually ever want to set write-through


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