Samsung-clk patches for 3.15

Kukjin Kim at
Thu Feb 13 19:24:39 EST 2014

On 02/14/14 09:05, Kukjin Kim wrote:
> On 01/28/14 09:17, Tomasz Figa wrote:
>> On 28.01.2014 01:09, Kukjin Kim wrote:
>>> Tomasz Figa wrote:
>>>> [Forgot to Cc Mike...]
>>>> On 24.01.2014 15:38, Tomasz Figa wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>> Hi,
>>>>> Linux 3.14 is going to include Andrzej Hajda's patches converting
>>>>> Samsung clock drivers to use clock ID defines in include/dt-bindings,
>>>>> instead of local enums, but to avoid unnecessary merge conflicts we
>>>>> have converted only the clock driver, leaving DTS files unchanged yet.
>>>>> We intend to complete the conversion in 3.15, by replacing magic
>>>>> numbers in DTS files with respective preprocessor macros, but to
>>>>> reduce potential conflicts we need help of you, Samsung clock patches
>>>> authors :).
>>>>> I'd like to ask anybody who already has patches for DTS files adding
>>>>> any clock-related contents still using numeric IDs, e.g. clock
>>>>> properties in nodes or full nodes containing clock properties, to make
>>>>> sure that the patches are merged before Andrzej sends the conversion
>>>>> patches. Then Andrzej's script will generate patches updating all
>>>>> clock properties, leaving no numeric IDs in DTS files.
>>> There are several DTS patches in v3.14-drop/soc-exynos-2 branch of my
>>> tree
>>> for 3.15 and it will be merged after done of multiplatform, I need to
>>> rebase
>>> them based on v3.14-rc1 though...So I think, would be better if we could
>>> update DTS with using Andrzej's script after merging it into arm-soc...
>> Basically my intention is to:
>> 1) Have any existing patches using clock numbers merged in reasonable
>> period of time (to not miss the merge window with DTS conversion
>> patches).
>> 2) Stop accepting such patches anymore.
>> 3) Rerun Andrzej's script and convert all device tree sources to use
>> clock macros.
>> Andrzej's patches for DTSes should go through your tree anyway (as any
>> Samsung DTS patches by default), so it shouldn't be a problem,
>> regardless of merging anything into arm-soc.
> Makes sense, OK. I agreed. I'll apply Andrzej's "[PATCH RESEND v2 00/12]
> clk/exynos convert clock IDs to macros" and every exynos dt should be
> posted based on that from now on.
Tomasz, I've applied Andrej's regarding dt patches into samsung tree.


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