[PATCH v2 0/6] ARM: sunxi: Add driver for SD/MMC hosts found on allwinner sunxi SOCs

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Wed Feb 5 10:47:35 EST 2014

Hi David,

On 02/05/2014 02:01 PM, David Lanzendörfer wrote:
> Hi Maxime
>> I have four comments here:
>>    - Read Documentation/SubmittingPatches, especially Section 5 and 12
>>      (hints, you forgot the clock maintainers for your clock patches
>>      and you didn't put any signed-off-by tags)
> Oops. I added signed-offs now
>>    - You ignored pretty much all the comments that were made during the
>>      review of the first version. Go through
> Uh? I just fixed the commits and squashed them together for easier handling.
> I'm even using mmc_of_parse now...
>> http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2013-December/219339.
>> html and address the comments that were made.
>>    - Each of your patches should compile. Fix the order of your
>>      patches.
> Done.
>>    - Submit a v3, with the changes you made. Otherwise we have no way
>>      of knowing what have been fixed and what didn't
> Too many patches would be bloaty.
> That's why I've squashed them into small and corrected patches.

The squashing is fine, what Maxime means is that normally you would include
a changelog in the coverletter (the [patch 0/x] mail) documenting changes
done since the previous posting of the patchset, so for v3 that would have been
something like:

Changes since v1:
-use mmc_of_parse instead of diy dt parsing
-add nodes for all mmc controller to the dtsi files, including sofar unused

Changes since v2:
-Add missing Signed-off-by tags
-stop using __raw_readl / __raw_writel so that barriers are properly used

I've probably forgotten a few things, it would be good if you could send
a reply to the:
"[PATCH v3 0/7] ARM: sunxi: Add driver for SD/MMC hosts found on allwinner sunxi SOCs"
mail with the above changelog, amended with whatever I've forgotten to add
to the above changelog

Thanks & Regards,


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