[PATCH 00/15] Kirkwood DT fix and cleanup round 1

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Wed Apr 30 09:49:04 PDT 2014

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 02:56:27PM +0200, Sebastian Hesselbarth wrote:
> This is a patch set starting Kirkwood DT cleanup since over time some
> cleanup potential piled up on it. Also, now that Barebox is going to
> reuse the same DT code basis, we need some lowlevel property
> improvements, that we ignore(d) on Linux up to now.
> The patches are based on recent mvebu/dt to ease integration by Jason
> since there are some Kirkwood dts related patches already queued up
> for v3.16.
> The first patch is a real fix and should be treated accordingly. We
> moved pcie-controller nodes to mbus node a while ago. Somehow, we missed
> two boards that should have broken pcie since then. A formal Tested-by
> would be nice by someone who has one of the affected boards.
> Basically, cleanup patches 2-13 up to now comprise:
> - Patch 2 adds node labels for all common and SoC-specific nodes to ease
>   further cleanup series I have in mind:
>   MVEBU maintainers will know, current ocp at f1000000 isn't really correct
>   but should be moved to mbus/internal-regs instead. Unfortunately, there
>   are some 40+ boards replaying ocp bus node. 
>   I _plan_ to convert boards ocp nodes to node label references in
>   subsequent patch sets to finally move the ocp bus nodes to
>   mbus/internal-regs more easily.
> - Patch 3 adds stdout-path to all boards with ttyS0 bootargs:
>   Linux currently doesn't really care about stdout-path property set, but
>   Barebox does. ePAPR explicitly names it, so set it now and ease Barebox
>   progress at least.
> - Patch 4 removes clock-frequency from UART nodes:
>   Back when we didn't have DT clock providers for Kirkwood, TCLK was
>   spread over UART nodes in board files. Just remove the now unnecessary
>   clock-frequency property, as we reference TCLK in the SoCs UART nodes.
> - Patches 5-7 consolidate common pinctrl settings:
>   First, rename the pinctrl node to a more appropriate name as recommended
>   by ePAPR, then add a minimal stub to the toplevel SoC DT include. That
>   stub then gets filled with common pinctrl settings that are currently
>   spead over SoC-specific includes or even board files. Again, this also
>   eases Barebox progress, as pinctrl for a bootloader is a really
>   important property.
> - Patches 8-13 set default pinctrl properties for some nodes:
>   With pinctrl settings in common SoC DT, we can now reference them in the
>   device nodes also located there. If there are other possible pinctrl
>   settings, put a note in front of the corresponding pinctrl node and
>   overwrite the pinctrl setting in the board file.
> - Patches 14 and 15 set some lowlevel properties for Guruplug ethernet:
>   While working with Barebox, I noticed missing phy-connection-type
>   and non-standard PHY's compatible on Guruplug. This also applies to
>   most of the other boards, but Guruplug is the only board I use Barebox
>   on and have the required information.
> Overall commit stats aren't as bad as I initially thought:
> 218 insertions and 300 deletions still is ~25% less LOC :)

Hi Sebastian

Apart from the one patch i raised a question about:

Acked-by: Andrew Lunn <andrew at lunn.ch>

Over the weekend i will try to do some testing with the hardware i


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