[PATCH v12 11/31] documentation: iommu: add binding document of Exynos System MMU

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Sun Apr 27 11:23:06 PDT 2014

On Sunday 27 April 2014 13:07:43 Shaik Ameer Basha wrote:
> +- mmu-masters: A phandle to device nodes representing the master for which
> +               the System MMU can provide a translation. Any additional values
> +              after the phandle will be ignored because a System MMU never
> +              have two or more masters. "#stream-id-cells" specified in the
> +              master's node will be also ignored.
> +              If more than one phandle is specified, only the first phandle
> +              will be treated.

This seems completely backwards: Why would you list the masters for an IOMMU
in the IOMMU node?

The master should have a standard property pointing to the IOMMU instead.

We don't have a generic binding for IOMMUs yet it seems, but the time is
overdue to make one.

Consider this NAKed until there is a generic binding for IOMMUs that all
relevant developers have agreed to.


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