BUG: spinlock trylock failure on UP - reverting timer patches helps

Stanislav Meduna stano at meduna.org
Fri Apr 18 07:45:18 PDT 2014

On 18.04.2014 01:10, jordan wrote:

Hi Jordan,

many thanks for the tests. I probably botched something during
the reverting - I now tried some more experiments and the system
now runs without BUGs and without kernel leak - of course
it needs some more uptime to be really sure.

My combined revert patch from 3.12.15-rt25 is at
That was all that was needed.

> Yeah, i know a handful of people [amd users] that have now reported
> success booting into 3.14-rt1 reverting those patches.  Personally, I
> have disabled NO_HZ_FULL and have switched back to 'old tick' method
> in kconfig. I don't think the latest no_hz stuff is stable enough...

My problems were with periodic timers (I am on an embedded system
that runs things periodically anyway and I have also my doubts
regarding the stability), so the latest code did not break
only NO_HZ_FULL.


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