[PATCH RFC 3/3] drm/exynos: use pending_components for components tracking

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Fri Apr 18 05:46:52 PDT 2014

On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 02:02:37PM +0200, Andrzej Hajda wrote:
> Separation of the interfaces exposed by the device from the device itself
> seems to me a good thing. I would even consider it as a biggest
> advantage of this solution :)
> The problem of re-initialization does not seems to be relevant here, it
> is classic
> problem of coding correctness nothing more, it can appear here and in
> many different
> places.

It may be a problem of coding correctless, but it's also a maintainability
problem too - it makes it _much_ more difficult to ensure that everything
is correct.

> Anyway it seems we have different point of view on the problem, your say
> about devices with two stage initialization. I see it more as devices
> registering interfaces and superdevice using it.

Right, so please make this exynos-specific, because from what I can see it
has no reason to pretend to be generic.  As I've already pointed out, it
can't be used in the general case because it ties sub-components directly
to their main driver, which is absolutely absurd.  Please keep this
absurdness in exynos and don't spread it around.  Thanks.

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