[PATCH 3/3] net: hisilicon: new hip04 ethernet driver

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Mon Apr 7 11:56:05 PDT 2014

From: Zhangfei Gao <zhangfei.gao at linaro.org>
Date: Sat,  5 Apr 2014 12:35:06 +0800

> +#define DESC_DEF_CFG			0x14

You absolutely cannot do this.

You must document what the bits in the TX descriptor config field
mean, all of them.

I bet there is a bit in there somewhere which tells the chip to signal
an interrupt when the packet has been sent.

But since you haven't documented the descriptor fields properly with
a full set of macro defines, we can't know what bit that is.

I really am very disappointed in the quality of this driver, and you
can expect that there will be a lot of push back and requests for
changes before this driver will be even close to being ready for

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