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Fri Apr 4 03:29:54 PDT 2014

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 1:19 AM, Phil Edworthy <phil.edworthy at> wrote:
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> Hi,
> I am porting the kernel to a new device, for which I've created a new arch/arm/mach-... directory, and I also a clock driver that lives under driver/clk. Everything is all working fine, though I am now cleaning up the code and have a question about mach specific header files.
> The clock driver is completely specific to this device, but needs to read from a system register (just for external boot mode pins) to determine some PLL settings. This register is in a block of system registers which are also used by the mach code in arch/arm/mach-...
> Since the clock driver is specific to the mach, is there any point in specifying the address of this reg in the corresponding dtsi? The format and functionality described by this register would not be the same on any other device.

Why would you not? The dts is a central place where the entire memory
map layout of the device can be specified. If I were working on the
board support, I would create a node for the register block and have
the driver retrieve that node.

> If I don't specify the address of the register in the dtsi, I think it would be best to have a common header file for all of the system registers. I've seen some drivers, e.g.  exynos-cpufreq.c, doing this by including files from mach-exynos/include/mach. Is that the right way to do this?

You'd still want to have a header file for each of the register
offsets within the block. You wouldn't want to itemize register
offsets in the device tree node.


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