[PATCH] ARM: i.MX6: update KSZ9031 phy fixup

Anatolij Gustschin agust at denx.de
Thu Apr 3 07:56:57 PDT 2014

On Thu, 03 Apr 2014 16:05:47 +0200
Hubert Chaumette <hchaumette at adeneo-embedded.com> wrote:
> > It would be better to configure the pad skews in the board specific
> > way in the device tree. There is a binding for ksz9021 PHY in
> > Documentation/devicetree/bindings/net/micrel-ksz9021.txt.
> I wonder why it it's not used in arch/arm/boot/dts/imx6q-sabrelite.dts
> instead of ksz9021rn_phy_fixup().

Probably because nobody cared to use it.

> > I have a patch for setting ksz9031rn GTX/RX CLK pad skew in a similar
> > way over device tree and plan to submit it when the net-next merge
> > window for v3.16 opens.
> So, you have already implemented the ksz9031 binding ?

Partially (for GTX/RX CLK). I'm attaching a patch that I currently have.
For ksz9031rn in my DTS fec node I used:

	/* ksz9031rn: min 0, max 1860, step 60 */
        rxc-skew-ps = <1620>;
        txc-skew-ps = <1620>;

Unfortunately I'm short on time and won't be able to implement other
pad skew settings in the near future, so please fill free to extend
and push the patch.

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