[PATCH 1/4] cpufreq: cpufreq-cpu0: assign cpu_dev correctly to cpu0 device

Rafael J. Wysocki rjw at sisk.pl
Wed Sep 11 08:47:42 EDT 2013

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013 02:12:24 PM Viresh Kumar wrote:
> On 11 September 2013 13:45, Guennadi Liakhovetski <g.liakhovetski at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Noone else seems to complain, but I don't think these =20, =09 etc. codes
> > have been invented on my side and I don't think they belong here. I'm
> > handling enough mails / patches daily to believe, that my mail system
> > isn't the cause of this. Could you please verify and regenerate and
> > resend? Unless I'm mistaken this looks like a corruption on your SMTP
> > side.
> Its on Sudeep's side :) .. Or on ARM's side..
> Don't know why nobody else complained, Atleast people who test these
> patches (Like Shawn), must have applied them from mail.. Don't know
> why they aren't shouting :)

This looks like broken quoted-printable e-mail encoding somewhere (either
on the sending or on the receiving end).

> He mostly send pull requests to Rafael and so this wasn't a issue for
> Rafael :)

Git pulls are, well, from git, so e-mail encoding doesn't have anything to do
with them ...

I speak only for myself.
Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel Open Source Technology Center.

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