[PATCH 01/38] ARM: ux500: Remove PrimeCell IDs from Nomadik I2C DT nodes

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at linaro.org
Wed Sep 11 04:06:43 EDT 2013

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 6:57 PM, Olof Johansson <olof at lixom.net> wrote:

> I have a very weird experience with snowball right now. I noticed this
> yesterday when I decided to look at why multi_v7_defconfig doesn't
> boot on it:
> * u8500_defconfig doesn't boot as a DT kernel, since the machine ID is
> still enabled. If I disable the machine ID, it doesn't boot.
> * Same for multi_v7_defconfig, since that is only DT: It doesn't boot.

Weird, yeah there is something wrong on Torvalds' HEAD, with
earlyprint it says:

Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.
Error: unrecognized/unsupported processor variant (0x412fc091).
This comes from arch/arm/kernel/head-common.S

I'm trying to bisect and find out what is causing this...

Linus Walleij

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