[BUG] PandaBoard hangs before starting init while booting v3.12

Ben Gamari bgamari.foss at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 09:37:22 EST 2013

Lokesh Vutla <lokeshvutla at ti.com> writes:

> Hi Ben,
> On Monday 18 November 2013 08:44 PM, Ben Gamari wrote:
>> I'm having difficulty getting a PandaBoard ES rev. B1 to boot v3.12 and
>> linux-next (30121118). I'm booting with a brand new u-boot
>> (c2e5e802ecb7ab668ce9911b210ed68c804b349f).
>> In both cases the device appears to hang shortly before one would expect
>> init to start as seen in the boot output below. I'm booting with the
>> omap4-panda-es devicetree. As far as I can tell, the machine is
>> completely dead and will not respond to even sysrq. I have a PandaBoard
>> A4 which apparently has no trouble with the same kernel image.
> Which defconfig are you using ?
I derived the config from RobertCNelson's Debian Wheezy image. It did
require some modification, however.

> Can you see if CPU_IDLE is enabled in your defconfig?
Yes, CPU_IDLE is enabled.

> I saw a similar failure on my panda es when CPU_IDLE is enabled.
> If this is the case for you please apply this[1] patch and give a try.

Indeed that did the trick. Thanks for the reference!

I do however now see periodic messages of the form,

    [   42.143005] gic_timer_retrigger: lost localtimer interrupt

Any idea what this might be due to?


- Ben

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