Jon Masters jonathan at
Mon Nov 18 13:42:32 EST 2013

Hi Folks,

Starting a new thread with a question. Suppose for a moment that ACPI is the way of the future and that there is, in fact, already a three year story behind this[0] that will come out in due course. What could be done to make things smoother /going forward/? Could we articulate a series of useful asks that would help with moving forward with ACPI? For example, it is clear that there needs to be more involvement in the standardization of ACPI (this is why we initiated the governance model change of ACPI several years ago that has taken this long to resolve with everyone involved in that) and we want to get more ARM kernel folks involved. But what else? Blank slate. What do we need to make ACPI a success here?


[0] Allow me the indulgence of not going into the specifics just now - I'm not the bad guy maverick forcing this down anyone's throat, I'm just willing to speak publicly while many others won't just yet, because I know how Linux is developed and I know that the community really hate being out of the loop. I do get it.

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