[PATCH 4/5 v2] input: tc3589x-keypad: support probing from device tree

Pavel Machek pavel at ucw.cz
Sun Nov 17 13:28:45 EST 2013


> > > I could find two boards using "gpio-matrix-keypad" in the mainline
> > > kernel and not a single instance of "linux,no-autorepeat":
> > 
> > In things connected to GPIO, I don't expect the in-kernel
> > device trees to be a good way so survey the usage of these
> > bindings. Anyone doing device trees on any system with a
> > few GPIOs can be using this.
> > 
> > But maybe we're lucky and won't break anyone's setup if
> > we change this?
> AFAIK Device Tree property names are considered as ABI, so existing
> property names must not be removed.
> But I guess we can add the standardized property name in addition
> to the deprecated one. New drivers can use the standardized property
> name from the beginning.
> Thus I guess we should not use the name, which has the most adopters
> in kernel (or out of kernel). Instead the most fitting name should
> be used. Current suggestions (taken from kernel) are:
> * <<vendor>>,no-autorepeat
> * keypad,autorepeat
> * linux,keypad-no-autorepeat
> * linux,input-no-autorepeat
> * linux,no-autorepeat
> * autorepeat
> I do not really care, which one is chosen, except for two things:
> * <<vendor>> seems wrong. This is not vendor specific.
> * I would prefer "input-" over "keypad-", since then the same name
>   can be used for single keys, buttons, etc.

Hmm, and it is not Linux-specific, either. So can we stick with simple "autorepeat"?

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