[PATCH] ARM: mvebu: Add RN104 SATA LEDs driven via NXP PCA9554 I2C to GPIO muxer

Arnaud Ebalard arno at natisbad.org
Mon Nov 11 15:07:41 EST 2013

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Hesselbarth <sebastian.hesselbarth at gmail.com> writes:

>> @@ -154,6 +161,30 @@
>>   			gpios = <&gpio2 0 1>;    /* GPIO 64 Active Low */
>>   			linux,default-trigger = "keep";
>>   		};
>> +
>> +		sata1_led {
>> +			label = "rn104:blue:sata1";
>> +			gpios = <&pca9554 0 1>;  /* Active Low */
> Same comment as for ReadyNAS 2120 patch:
> #include <dt-bindings/gpio/gpio.h> and use GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH/LOW.

Unlike RN2120 .dts for which I was able to change all the high/low
values for macros in a single move, if I do the changes here for this
specific patch, the .dts file for the RN104 will contain both values and

What about the following options?:

 - send a preliminary patch to change all the values for macros in RN104
   .dts file once -rc1 is here and then resubmit the PCA9554 patch with
 - have the patch applied as is and then convert the whole RN104 .dts w/
   another patch.

Anyway, once RN2120 is accepted, I intend to spend some time doing some
housekeeping on other readynas .dts file based on the comments you made
recently (macros, reg, addressing, phy info, etc), and also some minor
points (whitespaces).



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