[PATCH] arm64: compiling issue for allmodconfig, need "asm/parport.h" by "drivers/parport/parport_pc.c"

Chen Gang gang.chen at asianux.com
Tue May 28 22:06:14 EDT 2013

On 05/29/2013 01:02 AM, Catalin Marinas wrote:
>> > 
>> > After check the Kconfig in drivers, we can find quite a few using long
>> > list args which related with ARCH.
>> > 
>> > And they are not only depend on ARCHs, but also depend on another
>> > things (e.g. VGA_CONSOL also depend on !4xx && !8xx, and another
>> > combinations).
> Given this dependency is on the negation of that symbol, you just remove
> it and have a "depends on HAVE_VGA_CONSOLE". The few architectures that
> need it will have to define it (X86, ARM with a few configurations).

it is "depends on !4xx && !8xx && !SPARC && !M68K && !PARISC && !FRV &&

So, not only x86, ARM, but also s390, xtensa, alpha, cris, h8300, ia64,
mips... (at least, we do not know, they whether need it or not).

>> > We also can find another long list for depend on, but not related with
>> > ARCH.
>> > 
>> > They seems not quit difficult for reading (in fact, if we separate them
>> > into pieces and let them spread into another areas, the reader will not
>> > see the whole dependency clearly)
>> > 
>> > For fixing bug, better as local as possible, as independent as possible,
>> > it will be OK if only add !ARM64 for PARPORT_PC depend on, and it has
>> > no any negative effect. But if we define CONFIG_HAVE_*, we have to let
>> > it related with multiple platforms.
>> > 
>> > For design: if can bear current design, better not to touch it, I think
>> > current design is still sustainable, and not complex for understanding,
>> > so not need redesign.
> We usually clean some of these as we hit them, otherwise people forget
> about the clean-up later ;).

In fact, I have sent another configuration modification about disabling
CONFIG_BUG. it is in discussing...

We are sure most of architectures do not need CONFIG_BUG, but for
VGA_CONSOLE, we can not be sure most of architectures do not need it.

For CONFIG_BUG issue, it will make noisy for most of architectures, but
for VGA_CONSOLE issue, at least now, it is only effect with arm64.

For CONFIG_BUG issue, it seems we can not provide a satisfied fixing if
not get rid of it, but for VGA_CONSOLE issue, at least we have a
complete fixing way for it.

And now for CONFIG_BUG issue, it is still continuing discussing, and it
seems that can not get a result quickly.

So for VGA_CONSOLE... ;-)

Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation

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