Introduce a new helper framework for buffer synchronization

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Mon May 27 23:56:57 EDT 2013

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> Subject: Re: Introduce a new helper framework for buffer synchronization
> On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 6:38 AM, Inki Dae <inki.dae at> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I have been removed previous branch and added new one with more cleanup.
> > This time, the fence helper doesn't include user side interfaces and
> cache
> > operation relevant codes anymore because not only we are not sure that
> > coupling those two things, synchronizing caches and buffer access
> between
> > CPU and CPU, CPU and DMA, and DMA and DMA with fences, in kernel side is
> a
> > good idea yet but also existing codes for user side have problems with
> badly
> > behaved or crashing userspace. So this could be more discussed later.
> >
> > The below is a new branch,
> >
> >
> exynos.git/?h=dma-f
> > ence-helper
> >
> > And fence helper codes,
> >
> >
> exynos.git/commit/?
> > h=dma-fence-helper&id=adcbc0fe7e285ce866e5816e5e21443dcce01005
> >
> > And example codes for device driver,
> >
> >
> exynos.git/commit/?
> > h=dma-fence-helper&id=d2ce7af23835789602a99d0ccef1f53cdd5caaae
> >
> > I think the time is not yet ripe for RFC posting: maybe existing dma
> fence
> > and reservation need more review and addition work. So I'd glad for
> somebody
> > giving other opinions and advices in advance before RFC posting.
> thoughts from a *really* quick, pre-coffee, first look:
> * any sort of helper to simplify single-buffer sort of use-cases (v4l)
> probably wouldn't want to bake in assumption that seqno_fence is used.
> * I guess g2d is probably not actually a simple use case, since I
> expect you can submit blits involving multiple buffers :-P

I don't think so. One and more buffers can be used: seqno_fence also has
only one buffer. Actually, we have already applied this approach to most
devices; multimedia, gpu and display controller. And this approach shows
more performance; reduced power consumption against traditional way. And g2d
example is just to show you how to apply my approach to device driver.

> * otherwise, you probably don't want to depend on dmabuf, which is why
> reservation/fence is split out the way it is..  you want to be able to
> use a single reservation/fence mechanism within your driver without
> having to care about which buffers are exported to dmabuf's and which
> are not.  Creating a dmabuf for every GEM bo is too heavyweight.

Right. But I think we should dealt with this separately. Actually, we are
trying to use reservation for gpu pipe line synchronization such as sgx sync
object and this approach is used without dmabuf. In order words, some device
can use only reservation for such pipe line synchronization and at the same
time, fence helper or similar thing with dmabuf for buffer synchronization.

> I'm not entirely sure if reservation/fence could/should be made any
> simpler for multi-buffer users.  Probably the best thing to do is just
> get reservation/fence rolled out in a few drivers and see if some
> common patterns emerge.
> BR,
> -R
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Inki Dae
> >
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