Problems while booting a linux system on fast models based CortexA15

Christoffer Dall cdall at
Wed May 8 18:29:49 EDT 2013

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 12:07 AM, Mai Daftedar <mai.daftedar at> wrote:
> Dear All,
>  I am facing a problem with booting a fully working Linux system on the Fast
> Models based Cortex-A15 simulation platform.
> I'm using the "KVM on ARM guide" to configure KVM on the ARM fast models
> with CortexA15, however I get the following kernel panic error  when I use
> NFS to boot the kernel.
> VFS: Unable to mount root fs via NFS, trying floppy.
> Noting that the kernel semi-hosting arguments used are as follows:
> kernel uImage --fdt host-a15.dtb -- earlyprintk console=ttyAMA0 mem=2048M
> root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=192.168.x.x:/srv/nfsroot/ rw ip=dhcp
> Where can I be going wrong?
Is that literally the command line you use?

You may want to change those x's then to the actual IP address of your
host machine :)

You also need to make sure that your host machine has NFS configured properly.


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