[RFC PATCH v2] drivers: bus: add ARM CCI support

Nicolas Pitre nicolas.pitre at linaro.org
Tue May 7 11:20:42 EDT 2013

On Tue, 7 May 2013, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:

> On Mon, May 06, 2013 at 04:05:28PM +0100, Nicolas Pitre wrote:
> > When compiled in, module_init() is translated into device_initcall().
> > This is way too late for bringing up secondary CPUs during boot via the
> > MCPM layer.  That is not an issue as far as the code presented here is
> > concerned since there is no integration with MCPM yet, but eventually
> > we'd want the MCPM power_up_setup method to integrate with the port
> > discovery performed here instead of having them hardcoded in the
> > assembly code.  This means it would have to become early_initcall()
> > instead.  And at that point the driver infrastructure isn't fully
> > operational, meaning that driver_probe() won't be usable either (looking
> > at what we did to the TC2 spc init code is a good example of what I mean
> > here).
> Yes, I thought about that. This means that CCI driver should not rely on
> platform device structs, and yes I can mirror SPC probing code to take care
> of ordering issues. I am quite tempted to remove the platform device/driver
> infrastructure altogether and just rely on the DT layer (as GIC, PL310
> do) to initialize CCI. What do you think ?

I think that's probably the best approach.  That's what we ended up 
doing to the spc code for the same reasons.

> I think I will leave the
> platform driver infrastructure, and at probe it will check if data
> structures have already been initialized by an exported function, say:
> cci_of_init()

Please let's try to avoid propagating the "of" acronym further.  We 
don't use Open Firmware here.  Using "dt" is more appropriate IMHO.

> if the data structures are already initialized basically the probe
> function will do precious little and just succeeds otherwise it will
> initialize the driver as it does now.
> Is there really a point in having the CCI driver represented as a
> platform driver ? Not sure at all.

I'm not sure either.


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