[PATCH 00/15] ARM: shmobile: uImage load address rework

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Jun 5 04:29:56 EDT 2013

On Wednesday 05 June 2013 16:06:16 Magnus Damm wrote:
> ARM: shmobile: uImage load address rework
> [PATCH 01/15] ARM: shmobile: Per-board uImage load addresses
> [PATCH 02/15] ARM: shmobile: AG5EVM uImage rework
> [PATCH 03/15] ARM: shmobile: AP4EVB uImage rework
> [PATCH 04/15] ARM: shmobile: APE6EVM uImage rework
> [PATCH 05/15] ARM: shmobile: Armadillo800EVA uImage rework
> [PATCH 06/15] ARM: shmobile: Bock-W uImage rework
> [PATCH 07/15] ARM: shmobile: Bonito uImage rework
> [PATCH 08/15] ARM: shmobile: KZM9D uImage rework
> [PATCH 09/15] ARM: shmobile: KZM9G uImage rework
> [PATCH 10/15] ARM: shmobile: Kota2 uImage rework
> [PATCH 11/15] ARM: shmobile: Lager uImage rework
> [PATCH 12/15] ARM: shmobile: Mackerel uImage rework
> [PATCH 13/15] ARM: shmobile: Marzen uImage rework
> [PATCH 14/15] ARM: shmobile: Armadillo800EVA reference uImage rework
> [PATCH 15/15] ARM: shmobile: Remove MEMORY_START uImage load address
> Rework the mach-shmobile uImage load address calculation by storing
> the per-board load addresses in Makefile.boot. This removes the
> CONFIG_MEMORY_START dependency from Makefile.boot, and it also makes
> it possible to create safe kernel images that boot on multiple boards.
> This is one of several series of code that reworks code not to rely on

Looks good to me. I just really wouldn't bother creating so many patches
for this when you just modify a single file multiple times. A single
patch would be just as good, unless you are desperate to top the LWN
patch statistics ;-)


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